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Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator


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Generally, oxygen concentrators were all the same: big, noisy, and need constant maintenance. Respironics’ EverFlo stationary concentrator is a one-of-a-kind device that gives patients and caregivers exactly what they want.

Easy to move due to its lightweight

The EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator is under 31 pounds in weight, which reduces shipping and storage costs as well as the risk of harm.

The compact form makes it appear less like a medical device.

The ergonomic design of EverFlo takes up less room and draws less attention.
The Right Fit series focuses on the needs of patients.

EverFlo is part of the Right Fit, a comprehensive line of oxygen devices and programmes designed with patients in mind and tailored to the needs of businesses.

Low maintenance leads to lower servicing costs.

The system consumes less energy and generates less heat.

Extra versatility with the Humidifier Bottle Platform


General system
Input Frequency
  • 60 Hz
Liter Flow
  • 0.5-5 l/min
Operating Humidity
  • up to 95 %
Operating Temperature
  • 12°C to 32°C/55°F to 90°F
Outlet Pressure
  • 5.5 PSI
Input Voltage
  • 230 +/- 10% VAC
Oxygen concentration* (at 5 LPM)
  • 93 +/- 3 %
Operating Altitude
  • 0 to 2286 m (0 to 7500 ft)
Storage/Transport Humidity
  • -34°C to 71°C (-30°F to 160°F) up to 95% relative humidity
Sound level
  • 45 (typical) dB
  • 58.4 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 24.1 cm D (23″ H x 15″ W x 9.5″ D)
Average Power Consumption
  • 350 W
  • 14 (31) kg (lbs)
OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm Levels
  • Low Oxygen (82%) and Very Low Oxygen (70%)
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