We deliver, to build a progressive India

Who We Are

We are Oxygen Rental Service Provider, where oxygen concentrator machine is provided on rent at patient’s home.

oxygen concentrator for rent

Problems Reported

Major issues that are the real concern of today

  • Production (No local manufacturing in India)
  • Shortage (Not enough resources to fulfill demands of in X & Y cities)
  • Movement (No proper supply to x & Y cities & peripheral rural areas)
  • High initial cost (Little usage makes it expensive and useless after a few months)

Solution We Offer

Steps towards saving a life makes healthier India

  • Make in India (Manufacturing in India assures long-term business stability)
  • Cost effective (We ensures 60% to 80% cost reduction on each OC device)
  • Local employment (Fresh jobs will be created in about 88 X & Y cities in India)
  • Skill development (Production and training centres will bring about more talent)


All you need to know about Oxygen Concentrator

Plans you admire the most

Rental Plans


  • ✔ Overall cost reduction up to 60%

  • ✔ No security deposit or PDC required

  • ✔ Backup machine provided in case of breakdown

  • ✔ No additional cost applied while replacing a faulty machine

  • ✔ Regular service and better Return of Investment

Rent to Buy

  • ✔ Up to 60% cost reduction in combination with Buy Back scheme

  • ✔ Get a new machine

  • ✔ No resale tension as we will buy Oxygen Concentrator back

  • ✔ Good resale value

  • ✔ Regular service and better Return of Investment

Buy to Rent

  • ✔ Buy a new machine at lower cost if willing to pay rent

  • ✔ Up to 60% Cost reduction with Buy Back

  • ✔ No resale tension as we will buy it back

  • ✔ Pay rental only if returned in few months

  • ✔ Regular service & better ROI