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Need An Oxygen Concentrator On Rent? Book Now!
Oxyrent Is The Best Choice For Oxygen Machine Rental
Top-of-the-line Oxygen Concentrators on Rent and Buying Options
Canta Oxygen Concentrator with High Purity and Medical grade comes with 8 liters capacity to prevent medical emergencies. The oxygen concentrator is made as per WHO standards. It provides 93% pure oxygen and is a CE approved product.
Philips Respironics’ EverFlo stationary concentrator is a one-of-a-kind device that gives patients and caregivers exactly what they want.
Nuvo Lite, the newest member of Nidek Medical’s Oxygen Concentrator family, is by far the most inventive evolution in our quest to give the best possible service to our clients.
The UNO 5 Oxygen Concentrator is a 5 LPM device which can be used continuously for generating Medical Grade Oxygen.
Phillips EverFlo is a modern, efficient, portable and easy-to-use oxygen Concentrator that saves you time and money on ownership. It also comes with the trust and assistance of a renowned brand like Phillips
The Oxyrent Oxygen Concentrator 5ltr is a small 5 litre oxygen machine that can be used at home. It is very small and compact and extremely user friendly.
Canta Oxygen Concentrator with High Purity and Medical grade comes with 8 liters capacity to prevent medical emergencies. The oxygen concentrator is made as per WHO standards. It provides 93% pure oxygen and is a CE approved product.
This concentrator is equipped with an innovative DeVilbiss Oxygen Sensing Device (OSD®) for monitoring oxygen generated, ensuring user safety and product reliability.
*on a rental of 365 Days or More

About Oxyrent

Oxyrent is an Oxygen Equipment Supplier which provides Oxygen Concentrator on Rent

Oxyrent provides Medical Devices like CPAP, BIPAP and portable Oxygen Machines for home use. Oxyrent also offers Medical equipment like Oxygen Concentrators, BIPAP and CPAP on sale.

Oxygen Concentrator On Rent - Home oxygen concentrator 1
Oxygen Concentrator On Rent - Home oxygen concentrator 2
IOT Oxygen Concentrators

Why choose Oxyrent?

The Oxygen Concentrators of the Future

What sets Oxyrent apart from all the conventional rental services is our Unique online Rental booking Platform  where Patients can select dates/Devices they want to rent in their city. They can also Check availability and verify  rental prices  or directly Book oxygen machines online and get it delivered at their Doorstep.

We are committed to make our mark in the Medical Equipment Rental business. So, We have come up with our unique RENT to BUY and BUY to RENT Plans which aim to solve the issue of availability and cost which concerns almost all our Customers. We are determined to help everyone in need and provide a quick, Cheap and hassle free service to all our Customers.

We have a wide catalog of products that are available for all your needs.

We are Proud Technophiles and thus we have implemented the technology of the Future in all of our products – IOT (Internet of Things).

All of our Rental machines are built with anti-theft and anti-tampering alarms so that you can be at ease, that your machine gets to you safely. Also device health data is synced to the cloud and  monitored  for remote troubleshooting in case of a device breakdown.

Our online portal offers one click payments to extend your rental duration or to schedule a pickup.

Oxygen Concentrator On Rent - Home oxygen concentrator 3

Our Promise to Deliver

Why Renting Oxygen Concentrators Is Better than owning?

Oxyrent values your time and comfort, so we have built rigid guidelines for all of our Fulfillment centers to give you the device you need within the estimated time. We deliver all over India from our Fulfillment Center directly to your Doorstep. Oxyrent even has delivery options available in Rural Locals and areas in the vicinity of big cities.  You can also pick up the machine directly from our Fulfillment Center.

We put our trust in you

Oxyrent believes that good and honest service will be rewarded with Good feedback from our customers. Hence, we trust our Customers to PAY ON DELIVERY with NO Advance  security money for the booking. 

It’s better to rent than to buy a new machine as you can try it firsthand and it is economically more feasible as the prices of quality medical equipment for home use are usually too high.

You can check a machine without worrying about the hefty price tag if you just rent it.

You can run it under specific conditions try different setting and see if the product is a fit for your needs

Rental also makes sense for patients who just need the machine for a short duration, for example – a week or a month.

We Promise To Find You The Right Oxygen Concentrator for your need

Oxygen Concentrator With Rental Plans

  • 1000+ 700+
    Machine Installation
    More than 1000 medical equipments installed successfully
  • 15+ 5+
    Cities Covered
    Fast delivery locally covering major cities & rural areas of India
  • 8+ 2+
    Years in Medical Rentals
    Dedicated Team having years of experience in Medical Equipment Rental
  • 5+ 0+
    Business Collabrations
    Collabrations with Foundations, NGOs & Medical Equipment Providers
Trust Is the Cornerstone of Our Buisness
We Are Determined to Help You
See What People Have To Say About Our Rental Services
Need Help Finding the Right Oxygen Concentrator for You?

Here are the answers to some common questions related to Oxygen Concentrators.

What is Oxygen Concentrator machine?

An oxygen concentrator uses the air nearby to filter oxygen and is the best solution for oxygen supply at home.

What is Oxygen Concentrator machine use?

The use of an Oxygen Concentrator is advised only when the blood oxygen level is low. This should not be attempted by self-diagnosis and needs to be assessed by a qualified medical professional

Which is the best Oxygen Concentrator for home use?

Stationary oxygen concentrators are best for home use. Individuals who need constant oxygen supply while sleeping or resting may need an oxygen concentrator.

What is Rent to Buy?

Rent to buy is an innovative business plan which helps our existing customers to buy the Oxygen machine from us directly if they have already rented it. We will deduct the rent you have already paid from the Oxygen Concentrator price and provide you with the ownership of the Medical device

Which Oxygen Concentrator to buy?

Try buying a concentrator prescribed by a Medical Professional.


You should always look out for oxygen concentrators made by a verified brand such as

Philips Everflo, Devilbiss, Nidek, Canta Etc

Also there are various ranges of capacity and flow available such as 5L/8L/10L

How Does Oxygen Concentrator work?

An oxygen concentrator machine filters oxygen from the atmosphere and helps individuals access it through a mask or cannula.

Which is better: 5L or 10L oxygen concentrator?

Concentrators in the 5LPM category are the most common type of oxygen concentrators. The choice of the concentrator is based on the prescribed flow rate by your physician. Once the flow rate has been determined it is important to determine whether the concentrator maintains an adequate purity level as the flow rate increases.

What is Buy to Rent?

Buy to Rent works in the same way as Rent to buy, Suppose you have already bought a machine from us, and you don’t need it anymore.  We will buy back the Oxygen machine from you on our stated MRP and all you have to pay is the rental cost for the Duration (in months) you had the Oxygen Device with you.

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