How to clean an Oxygen Concentrator?

How to clean an Oxygen Concentrator? Confused!!! Don’t worry we have the answer.

When we think about how to clean an Oxygen Concentrator, we get confused about can we really clean this machine ourselves?

The answer is yes.

how to clean anOxygen Concentrator

We can clean Oxygen Concentrators at home. In this post, I’ll tell you some easy steps after reading it you’ll be aware of how to clean Oxygen Concentrator at home easily.

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Cleaning of Oxygen Concentrator is very important for the safety of Patients & for efficient working of the machine.

How to clean an Oxygen Concentrator?

Steps of cleaning of Oxygen Concentrator are:

1. First of all Unplug your oxygen concentrator.

2. Secondly Wipe the outside cabin with a soft moistened cloth with mild soap and warm water then Allow it to air dry, or dry with a cotton cloth.

3. Clean the air filter by removing it per manufacturer instructions and then soak it in warm water mixed with mild soap. Rinse it to remove excess soap.

4. Clean your nasal cannula is very important, soak it in a solution of warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang it to dry.

That’s it, your oxygen concentrator machine is ready to use.

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